Friday, 28 December 2007


Seriously, women who have lived their whole lives with great assets - I salute you!

Since the girls my once perky assets have about quadrupled in size, and I am NOT liking it.
I thought this would be great!!

As soon as they escape out of the bra at night, they flop to the floor.
They get in the way of just about everything!!
They make all the tops I wear about 10cms shorter and I really don't exactly wanna be showing off my tummy these days!
They prevent me from geting comfortable in bed at night - SERIOUSLY!! The area under which they have flopped gets all sweaty and ugh!

Oh yeah and of course Chase loves this.
Not me!

So telll me - when do they shrink again huh? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

how bout putting a pic of u naked on here